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I just wanted to say 'I love you guys'! :) I've met so many great people through this community and still enjoy talking to all of you day in and day out. I say this without arrogance, but we sometimes forget what an exceptionally fine constellation of different individuals make this board and I just wanted to say to each and everyone, no matter whether you make games as a professional, as an amateur or simply love to play them, 'thank you' for coming here and inspiring me.

That's all and before you ask: No I'm not drunk ;)


- Frie

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Aye, I've spent almost a decade with most of you guys now, definitely didn't think I'd still hang out here when I stumbled onto the Anarchy Design site and IRC channel back in 2000. But yeah, you're right, sometimes we forget what we have and I definitely am also grateful for being part such a terrific collection of individuals, pros and amateurs alike. Hopefully this will go on, seems that the core has actually gotten stronger with time, even if some of the old regulars have dropped off.

Salut! :celebrate:

(No I'm not drunk either!)

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Even though I haven't been into mapping as much as some of the others, the channel and then the forums have always been such an awesome place to be for a gaming and CG enthusiast. There have been so many talented people in here. It's a good feeling to know that so many of the great games that have come out over the years was developed with someone from Mapcore. Go Mapcore!

Its kinda sad to see the IRC channel slowly fade away though :(

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Yes indeed! BIG LOVE for this community! :)

I own a lot to mapcore! And there's definitely some great individuals here, and I agree when you say that mapcore as actually getting better and better through out the years, so I hope it just continues that way!

Love ya lads!

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though i am not that much active on the boards anymore, i have to admit that mapcore indeed is a nice community which has helped me a lot and of course was fun to "live" in. :)

these days i enjoy meeting you chaps rather than just talking about geek stuff on the internet :)


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