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How to break in the games industry - an insiders' guide


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Thingz I am told at Uni

Do most level designers have to keep dev diary's detailing the entire process "so that someone else could pick it up and make the same level from their notes". Know for a fact some of the stuff we have do to is just paper work to keep them happy, but there is always lots of planning to a level at the same time, so trying to work out what the actual facts are on this. Clearly paper layout's etc etc.

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In my experience, level designers don't need to keep everything documented at all, but they do have to follow the strong directions from the level design technical directors (at least when your company actually has them...) and do everything a certain way so that 1) the engine doesn't have to cope with some half assed models and scripting and 2) your lead can assign your level to someone else should the need arise (vacation, tight deadline requiring a more senior person to deliver, etc)

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Don't use fancy flash scrollers to display pictures on your portfolio, it's really annoying. You want potential employers to see how amazing you are in the shortest possible time. They don't want to wait for pictures to open - same goes for not allowing multiple images to be opened in the tabs. Keep it simple.

You don't need to be a jack of all trades. Find one or two things you're really good at (scripting or art or whatever) and really focus on that. By all means learn new things (that's never a bad thing) but keep your skill level high on the things you enjoy doing the most.

Why is it 6:53 am

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