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3D Game Engine focused on Gameplay & its Action RPG Game

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Team name:

Wizards of the Blizzard

Brief description:

We are a team developing a 3D Game Engine since 2007. Our focus is on gameplay rather than graphics. Our Engine have the following features already implemented:

* Animated Characters and static Objects

* Sound Engine (Format support: Ogg, Wav)

* 3D Engine (supports for selection, 3D movement, Action System using animations of skinned characters and list of actions to create combo and to store multiple commands, Support for 3D Model Formats: Md5mesh and .OBJ, among other things...)

* User Modifiable Interface

* Lua Script Support to load and unload Characters, Objects and to define the Scenario. (So artists could easily test different Characters, Objects and Scenarios Sets without the need of compiling the source code)

* VBOs, World specific drawing optimizations, Memory Sharing support for Wav, Ogg, Md5mesh and Obj, among other optimizations.

* Compilable under Linux and Windows. And could be ported to all other platforms supported by SDL.

* Effect's System featuring a extensible set of effects that are configured via Lua scripts, but that are implemented and extensible in C/C++. In a way that artists have more possibilities and a faster way of testing. And that programmers could set things up for performance.

* Well Documented code in our wiki for the developers and a documentation of how to use and modify the Lua scripts and other settings for the artists who are going to work with scenario design and modeling.

* Bounded Box Collision detection.

* Basic Artificial Intelligence

The Game

Have you ever wanted to show that annoying strategy addicted friend of yours that if this was an action/fighting game you could beat the crap out of all his armies with one guy?

Or are you the strategy addicted friend that cannot keep up with all the button smashing and quick pace of a fighting game but wants to show that brains overcome brute force?

Well in our game the idea is to bring both worlds close together and let you fight it off to decide who is better.

In this game we try to create a new genre of 3D Fighting Strategy Games, where you can choose a character and, based on its abilities, fight against an opponent in an open scenario either in a close combat, action/fighting game style, or by commanding several minions and coming up with strategies to stop that damn enemy from smashing the skulls of your dear summons.

Target aim:

Our aim is to produce a complete 3D Game Engine released as shareware/freeware. Some parts could also be released as LGPL or GPL.

And to release our Game as a Proprietary Game.


- Every work accepted by artists will have an instant reward by being recorded in our Art's Page.

- Every work accepted by developers will have an instant reward by being recorded in our Credit's Page.

- If the game sells well, job opportunities will arise for everyone on the team, who was working actively.

- The fun and challenge of producing a very different and interesting game.


Our Engine supports Linux and Windows right now.

Languages used: C/C++, GLSL and Lua.

Libraries used: SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL, SDL_Images, tolua++, libnoise, GLU and GLEW.

Our Engine supports Md5mesh and .Obj 3d model formats, so any tools that could create it are welcome (I normally use Blender), the test of Characters and Objects done by artists could be done easily without compiling the code, by just changing some filenames in a lua script. The Scenario also could be entirely changed by script, so artists designing those features will have a fast test process available.

Our Sound Engine supports WAV and Ogg. (mostly because MP3 is copyrighted)

Talent needed:


The genre is fantasy and the art style would be if we have a line from realistic art and cartoon, it would be something pending more to the realistic side. But not too realistic.

Music Composer

Task: Create Ambient songs and Music Effects

3D Modeller

Task: Create low poly characters with normal maps and other low poly objects like buildings and trees.

2D Concept Art

Task: Design and draw character's concepts and scenes for the story.


Task: Animate our characters.

Effects Artist

Task: Design and create effects.

Interface Artist

Task: Design and create the layout of the interface.

A mix of the above tasks is not only possible but desirable.


Effect's Specialist

Task: Extend our shader framework in C/C++ and implement new shaders and features. Use our Effect's framework to include or use new features like a particle engine.

Knowledge: C++ and shaders (GLSL and others)


Task: You does not fit in any pattern so there is no name that could describe what you do. But you program so well that you do not like when people give you a main task, you like to program and wants to do as always lot of tasks. Just because you can!

Knowledge: Strong skills. If you do not know if you have enough, this is not your place.

Team structure:

Danilo (myself) - Team Leader, Multi-specialist Programmer with emphasis on Logic.

Mario - Multi-specialist Programmer with emphasis on Physics.

Gustavo - Multi-specialist Programmer.

Jonathan - 3D Character Modeler

Freedom boils in Passion, Passion feeds Motivation and Motivation is the energy necessary to create Super Humans.

Our philosophy is that if you give true freedom to a small team of motivated multi specialists, they could do more than a group of 40 non motivated programmers with little freedom.




You can contact us with our Contact Page.

Previous Work by Team:

I am an experienced programmer in the last semester of Computer Engineering, who have already produced a complete 2D Game and released it in GPL. I made a demo of a 3D flight action game, which I have used its basis for the composition of this Engine. I have also developed a 2D physics engine, an applet simple game and more...the details and the projects I did could be seen in my site: http://www.fog.neopages.org/projects.php

Mario is also an experienced programmer who is already a Computer Engineer, was a member of a previous Game Group and a Robotic group at his university. He had also developed alone a bunch of softwares and speaks fluently japanese. He is famous for learning incredibly fast.

Gustavo programmed an entire simulator of soccer in OpenGL, used as a tool for a Robotic Group. He learns fast, programs fast and is very dedicated.

I, Mario and Gustavo worked together in a Robotic group for some years. In this way, we are used to work together and to divide tasks fastly and in a cooperative way.

Additional Info:




ANY Feedback is welcome. We are not gonna get hurt or anything, just give your opinion, suggestion, question or anything.

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