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Wasteland HL2 website Mockup (56k maybe)

The Postman

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keen, yeah. i think it's laid out poorly though, you've got a lot of wasted space (GET IT, HAW HAW ...meh)

i also think you need a bit more distance and less size on those dropshadows. you've got a shadow seam on the left, too.

if you want to have that much empty space in the background you really need to do something with it. instead the first thing i'd do is just take that plug thing on the PDA, shrink it and put it on top (reroute the wires), so you can trim that whole left side of the page.

if you want to go with that kind of techno theme you really need a lot more of it imo.

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Perhaps experiment a bit with the color of the neon light. Also, in my opinion, there's a bit too much open space on the left side of the PDA.

That's about all the constructive criticism I have for today!

EDIT: I also noticed that there's a shadow cut off between images on the left side of the wires coming out of the PDA.

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Hmm, changes to come:

Good eyes on the shadow seam. At midnight last night I didn't notice it, hehe. Will fix.

The neon won't change though, I like it and later when this thing is torn apart and put into Flash it'll flicker and spark, it'll be neat, promise.

As per the wasted space, I will be making more little trinkets and such to fill that area I think. Giving it a "fuller" appearance.

Thanks for the good crits and comments everyone :D

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