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Monitor seems to have reset itself...


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I turned on my computer today and the screen was misaligned, to the side instead of the centre. I hit auto-adjustment and it aligned properly so that's ok but everything seems to be a lot more green than it was, especially Half-Life which looks really really green and I can't seem to get it back to what it looked like before which was less green and brighter. Anyone know what's happened? HL looking so green hurts my eyes :(

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For a start, if you have a DVI port (grey) on your monitor/GPU then use that instead of VGA (blue). VGA is an analogue signal which is ideal for old-school CRT monitors, whereas DVI is a digital signal which is designed for LCDs. This will mean each pixel outputted by your card matches specifically with a pixel on your monitor, resulting in no need for adjustment to get it into the right place. This can result in a sharper image at best, and one that doesn't shift around at worst.

As for your colour problem, check if your monitor has different modes (warm, cool, cinema, game, etc). These typically have different inherent colour properties that can't be overridden.

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This sounds a lot like a cable issue to me. Swap out the cables, whether they're DVI or VGA, and see if any configuration works better. Also this sounds obvious but make sure the cable is secure on both ends. Unplug and replug both just to be sure. You would be amazed at how often that's the issue.

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I tried that, it's not a problem and never has been before. I've messed about with the settings for the monitor and nvidia panel and I've managed to get it back more or less to what it was... I have no idea what happened D:

I don't seem to have a DVI port on the monitor, it's a Relisys TL766-RU(B) which I've had since 2005. Seems to be ok now, I'll keep you all posted if it goes again and try swapping the VGA lead if I can find a spare one.

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