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Anders Jansson - Level Designer


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Ok, I once had a plan to make a proper portfolio which I never did, and now I should create one quite fast..I guessed and did.


Looking for crits asap, like navigation etc. I don't really care about the design at this time, but all feedback is good feedback, and I'll try and fix the most urgent problems tomorrow.

Also all the descriptions etc. is written in a hurry, gonna go over them tomorrow aswell.


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I think you should drop anything negative or that may be seen that way by anyone. With that in mind, your lines about Insurgency are probably best kept off.

I know you don't care so much about the design, however I feel you should try and update it asap because I'm one of those that also judge the content of the book by its cover. As of now I think it's going to hurt your applications.

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Now don't get mad to me but think before sending this site out to people. It looks unprofessional and old, outdated and like you have no eye to color and general design to make a good looking basic website.

If you think you're trying too much with the colors and all, drop them all. Go with a basic color palette, basic css layout and structure.

Take a look at these. Add your own simple graphics (sometimes you don't need graphics at all, just use typography wisely) to this and you have a winner. Select one of the layouts you think might fit ok with your site content.


Also get some nice typography stuff from here:


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The info is straight to the point, and it looks pretty solid. Navigation wise I think its fine, would be better if you could just scroll through all the pictures, but as for the palette then I definitely agree with the others that you should change it a bit. Hate to say it, but just a black/white site would look better than what you got right now, although that might be a tad boring :). Just keeping it simple, no-one is hiring you to be a web designer.

Oherwise I think its pretty good, weren't aware that you were Lead LD on GRAW2 PC and BC~

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People that know what theya re looking for go straight past a fancy website design.

You can get a great job with just 10 pictures and no professional industry experience, I'm not saying a well constructed portfolio DOESNT help but it's not as important as most people make out - at least in level "design"

Looks fine to me from a content point of view :)

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Well, for those who say design isn't important and shit..... IT IS important! :shock:

When I opened the page, if I didn't knew it was yours, maybe I would close it even before even taking a look to the portfolio section. I know it's temporary, I know It's WIP, but that's some horrible colours.

Take a look at websites like these to get a few better combinations:



Also, get rid of the home page, and make the page go directly to your art! :)

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HP he's not an artist, the design of the site is sound, the artist stuff obviously isnt the highest priority I assume :P

For all the professional experience stuff you're best having a big Linkedin clicky :)

ALL that being said my site and portfolio was blinged up quite some, so Im prob being a foo~

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I know, but you're not an artist either and the colors on your website are pretty appealing, and nice to navigate. Being a level designer, should not be an excuse for NOT caring with presentation. That's my point of view.

Not saying he should have a full blown beautiful website, just some minor attention to how it looks, and the colours, that's all. Don't get me wrong guys! :)

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I used this service for my temporary portfolio:


It's good because you dont need to do any webdesign just select a couple of options, upload your pictures and copy paste some text. Took me less then a day to get everything up and ruinning.

The result is a clean little portfolio that gets straight to the point. Only thing that i don't like is that the "about" button is so small. But you can add your CV to application mails anyway so this should be no problem.

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I was going to say something similar to Steppenwolf. If you don't have a particular talent for web design, you might be better off going with a service that lets you put something together that looks great. Everybody appreciates something that's well designed and a pleasure to use, even if they technically shouldn't judge you because of it — kind of like how turning up smart for an interview can and does change perceptions.

I was going to suggest Squarespace, but Carbonmade is evidently a similar affair that specialises in portfolios.

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