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Darkest of Days


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I watched some other trailers and i'm kind of concerned about the Auschwitz part tbh, i think they got it kind of wrong or just the footage is too short to tell.

Other than that, i think this game is an indie project which is awesome. I hope they will sell good enough.

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Oh dear...

http://www.metacritic.com/games/platfor ... 0of%20days

I guess people really overlooked the fact that this was essentially a bigger budget indie title and not the next best FPS ever or whatever. Not even sure what they're even complaining about half the time in the GT review;


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You can't give an indie game an easier time just cause it's indie when they're charging the exact same amount of money as a mainstream title. The review seems pretty straight-forward to me.

If you want more footage though, you could try this:

http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-dar ... s/17-1370/

Features the awful AI, invisible walls, poorly laid out levels, and dudes standing in fire.

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I think people should certainly keep in mind if something is indie. If they do not, they will kill indie games as no one will bother trying to fight the impossible battle.

On the other hand, this particular game portrays itself as a fullblown game and thereby effectly puts itself on the line with big budget titles and that is a fight they can't win. If they had released this for half the price, and portray themselves as indie they would have gotten further I believe.

It is all about perception.

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The shooting aspect is done well, and it feels tight. The AI imo is decent, in the sense that it actually exists. Not all enemies will suddenly know your position once one of them discovers you, so you can lose them and then sneak around, if you shoot a guy next to them it will get their attention. It ran good on my system (q6600,2gb,8800gt) no slowdowns, it ran better then the demo and AA brings a massive hit with it, so turn it off.

Dexter is a great character, he is a genuinely nice fellow that also happens to be smart and well experienced, they got him just right.

But all that doesn't make up for the bad stuff. The story drags on, and is not really captivating. I had quite some trouble seeing enemies a lot of the time, and combined with the CoD4 like view jerk they game frustrated me. But the biggest problem is that the devs lack imagination and cleverness. The R&D mod for hl2 really showed how a talented person can create interesting situations, and gameplay, to deliver a better product then many games made by bigger better funded people, this team really lacked that kind of a person. Also seems a strange decision to try to compete with AAA games at this time of the year.

Also it has regenerating health, which I like but a lot of you hate, so you know.

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