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WIP - Bar Level for Adventure Game


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Hey everyone,

Have started on the adventure game level I will need to create for my final semester of University. Wanted to upload a work in progress thread for comments and critique as I think it's time I start getting comfortable showing everyone my work and I want to get better :D

This is what I have come up with so far…


Mafia owned bar, back office, operated by Cleo Barnett

Overall Mission:

Make contact with long-time friend Cleo Barnett to see if she can help you leave Australia.

The bouncer at the door won’t let you past, so you will have to alert Cleo to your presense via the fire escape out the back.

Character List for Location:





Usable Items:

Garbage Bin which can be placed below the fire escape in order for him to alert Cleo as to his presence

Cigar & Tray

Bourbon Bottle and Glass

Illegal Documents Cleo shall leave for Harry in order to help him flee the country


And here's some WIP shots showing where I'm up to for those interested





C&C Welcome

Hope you guys like,

- Matt

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Hey Mate,

First off welcome to Mapcore.

Secondly I think your site is down, as images aren't working. Could you possibly upload them to something like imageshack or the like?

And what uni do you go to? AIE since you are from melbourne?

And lastly would be nice to know what technology you are working with :)

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Thanks for the welcome :D

Good to see another Aussie on this site.

I'm actually studying at RMIT in Melbourne. I am friends with a programming lecturer at AIE though.

Are the images working now? Very weird as my server is still up and I can see them. I may put them on fileshack if it still doesn't work.

Also we are using the 3d Gamestudio A7 engine for this :D

- Matt

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Yeah looks like a solid start.

Just stumbled across your moddb page as well. Really impressed with those model sheets, I don't know if you did them. But yeah impressive :D

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Really nice concept, It's very readable, but...

I would place men's and women's toilets doors near to them, behind the bar should be some back-up with fridges and stuff... Something like kitchen here:


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WOW, I didn't expect to see some effort from you (me, when I have everything ready on concept papers, I don't modify anything). Nice. I'm waiting to see more :)

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Hey everyone,

small update. had some feedback about the toilets in the bar from seir. moved them back a little, added a corridor near the back of the bar so they're not soo out in the open and more close to the probable kitchen would be placed if i were to model that.


will start modelling as soon as the concept artist I am working with gives me an update with a small conceptual drawing as to what the stylization of the location will be, seeing as though this will be a stylized game

btw university has given me 4 weeks to have it modelled and lit, then a further 5 for props and characters :D

- Matt

EDIT: Looking at the map, I might need to play around with the scale of the toilets compared to the rest of the bar and add an blocked out area of where the kitchen would be if i were to model that

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