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Shall We Make A Game?

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I think by 'guys' you probably mean 'Buddy' (I deleted his original EOT-like post), but yes I agree that was quite a disappointing reaction. On the flip-side though, similar threads to this are made quite often by spam bots and such, and I can see how people might assume it was just an automated post or something due to Alex not really introducing himself or anything. :oops:

But now you know. :mad:

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You know, Alex (the thread starter) asked me before hand if he should post his idea he's been working on here, and wondered if he would get flamed or shot down. I said, "No, they are a very mature game design community and are actually very nice"

Real fucking great, guys

Your friend doesn't appear to have done any actual work himself outside coming up with a name and engine, making the site, and then spamming this topic across a bunch of different game forums. It's a 2d adventure game, which doesn't align with the skills of most of here on Mapcore, nor our interests most likely (I like 2d adventure games just fine when they're good, but I suspect I'm in the minority here). The OP is mostly the exact same thing I saw written on his topic on Something Awful. This sort of concept is not old at all, and he offers nothing unique to make people want to join this project as opposed to any other.

Not expecting this thread to get shot down is honestly pretty dumb.

Also "very mature game design community" :lol:

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Buddy has been kicked out of this place and locked out for a day, whoever else thinks that this is EOT or that it's a good idea to make fun of the thread should be prepared to join him. Let's move on guys..

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      Two new asset releases!

      First up is Basalt. Sadly I can't release all of the assets as some of the nature stuff is from Megascans and can't be redistributed. Also only includes the assets I've made.


      Second one is assets I've made for Pitstop. A small release that includes some road and concrete trim textures, a bunch of sponsors and some skybox buildings that might be useful.


      As always, free for non-commercial use with attribution. 
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