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[DOD:S] DoD_Forza BETA 3


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Hello there!

After a little time of absence, I´d like to present you the current BETA version of my Project "DoD_Forza".

The Map is situated in middle Italy right after the Anzio landings in 1944. The Allies are advancing towards

a small town which has already been hit by bombing raids. Due to the small train station it is of vital

importance for the germans to hold the town at all costs.

The Layout is pretty classic concerning flags. You have 5 Flags in total and the Middle Flag inside the train station

can only be captured by two soldiers of a team. This comes with a twist. The Duce Mussolini wanted to have a

train station in the town of Forza pretty bad to show off a bit. His archeologists and structural engineers were

not that pleased with the chosen location because of the catacombs underneath it. After some informal talks

they happily agreed to build the train station which was then hit by an allied bomb in 1944. The platforms

collapsed and took one train carriage with it into the crater that opened a passage from the catacombs.

This is where the middle flag is.

There are two ways to reach the middle, either you follow the roads and enter the train station on surface

level or you jump down into the canals and run to the crater through the catacombs. The fight takes place on two levels.

Visually the map is not top notch yet, that´s something that will come with RC1. Lighting, textures and other pimpage

have reached immaturity at best but are sufficient. I am looking forward now to see what the community has to offer

regarding custom content.

My thanks go out to Furyo, CAMP, Schnu, Splatt, Jimmy Crack Corn, Sli Woody, Darkranger, Rommel´s Renegades,

Clan 415, Mafuba aka Basswampe, Ranzige Kellerbaggage, Herbstkatzerl, Erce, all the testers the Day of Defeat Team and the DoD-Community.

Sorry if I have forgotten someone.



Here´s the links:



And here´s some screens:








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Thanks guys :)

Maybe you remember your suggestion about verticality in the Gassenhauer Thread from last year JP. It sparked an idea and the fruition of it is Forza´s train station. Cheers!

I agree about the Lighting, that´s gonna be frickled with for RC1 as long no serious gameplay drawbacks arise because of it.


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