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Which games do we feel have been largely underrated upon and since release?

No One Lives Forever


Classic title, for some reason NOLF1 got a lot of poor reviews when it was released because it was too linear and easy but I don't agree with that. It's also a very long game, took me more than a week first time playing it through.

Another Monolith classic, highly underrated;



This game is still fantastic even now, the best Build engine game made, Duke Nukem's got nothing on Blood as far as I'm concerned.

"You're not gonna look so good with your face ripped off.."

System Shock 2


Those of you that have played it know why this is one of if not THE scariest game ever and that's a fair of you here. Shodan still gives me the creeps even now, utterly fantastic title.

Requiem: Avenging Angel


Ever wanted to play an angel fighting the forces of Hell? Well, you wont find that here.. instead it's an angel fighting the corrupt forces of Heaven. As Malachi, you must stop the creation of an interstellar starship known as Leviathan and prevent the apocalypse.

Project IGI


Ultra tough tactical FPS, sees you stepping into the boots of a Welsh special agent, who must stop a notorious Russian terrorist faction from arming a nuclear warhead. When I say this was tough, it was really tough. You had to infiltrate bases in various locations, without being seen by cctv or guards, how you did this was largely upto you as there were multiple routes through an area. It only took a few bullets to kill you and if the alarm was raised, you would quickly be surrounded by special forces soldiers hell bent on your demise. If you died, you had to start the level again, there was no saving except at the end of a level, even if you died at the very end, you would start all the way at the beginning. Very frustrating but still massively brilliant title.

Ahhh... nostalgia.

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Not as sure how this one did but it does a lot of cool stuff in terms of UI and Squad gameplay. Only playing it now and it holds up very well IMO.


This was a GREAT game.


People bitch about EA making the same game and then no one buys this!


Critic's look at what it didn't do far too much rather than what it did. A great spin off from my most loved series.

Trying to think of more

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