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Crysis weird lighting/shadows bug

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Seeing as I got myself a 260GTX now I thought lets see if Crysis plays any better than it did with my 7900GS. Only have the demo and whilst before it looked ok on medium, it was about 5fps.

However with my 260GTX on anything but low the shadows/lighting looks like this:


Theres like some corrupt shadow that follows me around in about a 50m radius, the shadows don't change in these 50m its like an overlay of squares projected down onto the player, beyond that its ok. The flashlight has the same problem (also shown in pic)


At least I can play at a decent frame rate on high now, even with this mega annoying shadow issue. Totally ruins the immersion.

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i doubt any one here can figure out whats wrong but i have seen soooooooo many graphics glitches in crysis on hardware x with settings y that i doubt crytek will get around to resolving any of them.

have you posted this on the official boards ?

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Mmm, yeah I don't think this kind of stuff belongs in the Gaming Discussion forum, but ok.

Anyways, If I'm not mistaken, that's a bug some people had with the build Crytek used for the Demo, which was a really, reaaaally shitty bad build with lot's of bugs and performance issues! if you wanna play Crysis, even for benchmarking, you should play the original WITH the 1.2 patch.

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Blast from the past for anyone who comes across this in the future, I have solved it.

In the nVidia control panel I had to have the "Adjust image settings with preview" set to "Use my preference emphasing: Performance" rather than Let the 3D app decide, use the Advanced 3D settings or Preference as Peformance/Balanced.

Just thought I'd let people know as its bloody annoying searching for solutions and you come across a forum post with your problem with no solution!


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