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You know what I hate in games? This: "Sorry bud, you died. Grab a cup of coffee, cause you ain't going anywhere until the round is over". This mod is no exception.

yeah i was annoyed by this too, I spent 90% of the time spectating.. and since theres not much going on gameplay wise it was very boring :(. A game mode with instant respawn would be nice, for beginning players at least.

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I went through this too. It sort of combines the two great annoyances of Source multiplayer; the "bang WTF instakill from nowhere" from Insurgency with the "watch one guy with 30 health camp a doorway for 15 minutes and die" of Counter-Strike.

But it's a lot like Insurgency in that. Once I joined a squad, got a little coordinated, stuck together, I had some great times. Long range combat seems the most frustrating to me, but man is the CQB stuff great.

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So who are the level designers behind the maps? Any mapcorians?

Majority of the maps, like 85%, 90% were done by Deej (Jason Woronicz).

Back when I worked on the mod, some 3-4 years ago, he was the only LD. A couple of the other maps are from the core art team, mostly Gato (Sam Greer) and pushBAK (Leri Greer), both brothers and awesome artists.

I don't think anyone from Mapcore really worked on it though. Either way, I'm glad they have finally got it out the door.

Time to go give it a try now.

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