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Men of War

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Did anyone tried this game ?

It was out one month ago and i never heard of it before, and this is probably the best wargame i played about WW2.

It's a mix between your regular STR like Company of Heroes and Commandos 2; What is different is that unlike coh, you can use any object, terrain high, vehicules; to put your units in cover, the bullets will hit exactly where they should hit like in an action game. Everything in the environment is destructible, if an infantry units is camping a building, you can take a tank and drive into the building like a bulldozer to get them out. The debris of the building will then can be used as cover for your infantry.

You can also take the control of each of your units, be it tanks, canons or infantry; move them around with the keypad and shoot wherever you like in a thirdperson shooter.

Each units has an inventory like in commandos 2, so you have a part of management where you need to equip your troops with weapons, helmets and ammo, every round count, so you have to be careful to have your men always supplied by scavenging the enemy bodies.

The tanks are also really great, if you hit one with a well placed round in the tracks you will immobilize it and the crew will have to get out of the tank to make repairs. There is frontal, side and rear armor for each tank, but the angle from where the round is coming from is also very important, if you hit a tank that is turned by 45° your round will bounce on its armor and fall elsewhere, so it gets really tactical.

The solos missions are interesting and all different, they take something like 2 hours to complete and there is 19 solos missions.

And you can buy it for 27 euros on steam.

great work of art and design, i recommend!

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I've been playing this game a LOT a few months ago. It's pretty great. The voice acting sucks hard, but the game itself is amazing. The amount of detail put into it is mindblowing. However, what's fun about this game isn't (imo) really the multiplayer deathmatch type deals, but more the coop. I've played a bunch of 4 player coop with some friends where we all try to beat a map being assigned different units and taking different tactical positions and coordinating. This is where the game gets really fun. Because you get to spend more time micromanaging fewer units rather than just putting everyone into their deaths. The AI blows, so it's pretty much necessary to do that.

Anyway, give it a try with some friends over coop, and it'll really shine. But it does have a lot of downsides.

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