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[Unreal] - The Farm

sarge mat

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I finished this one off and thought I would post it for anyone who wants to check it out or give feedback. I am reasonably happy with it. It’s a bit flat and bare in places which is a down but The Haunted is a great mod to map for and I am going to get onto another one straight away.







Download: http://files.filefront.com/The+Farmzip/;13910019;/fileinfo.html

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Well, I don't know how to start criticizing this.

You got loads of problems on this map, but before i start keep in mind I'm talking just by watching the shots you've posted, I have not played your level.

First, the design is horribly placed, there's near to none cover spots for the player, and I get the feeling that most of the props we're just placed randomly. Those rocks in the floor for example, they are all the same model, you didn't even bother to rescale some of them to make them appear a little bit different and natural.

The exterior really lacks life as well, it makes me remember those old HL1/CS1.6 empty maps, this is 2009 and It's UE you're working with. You really can and should go a little bit crazy with texture variation and props placement. there's no trees or any kind of vegetation, and there's vegetation all over the place in real life, even in desert. you could have placed some dry brushes in there. (Edit, I do see some trees on the 3rd shot, but they just don't look real. Why? because they have just been placed on a single spot on the map, and I don't see anymore of them on the rest of the map, it just isn't natural. the scale is the same as well.)

Also, why is there aren't any shadows in there? Or any contrast in lighting whatsoever, it all looks so bland and pale. Some particles would spice things up a little as well, like dust or wind. Even a little bit of fog would be good, just to give it atmosphere.

the interiors look way better than the exteriors, although i still find them very pale and lacking contrast in the lighting. digging the light shafts tho! :)

bottom line, you need to study a bit of variation, and i advice you to look at photos that might reassemble the kind of the environments you are trying to recreate. refs dude! refs, refs, refs, refs! you can never have enough of them! ;)

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Thanks HP.

Yep I really should have had this referenced a lot better to start with. When someone pointed out the buildings looked odd and I got a few simple references it improved it a lot. Thank's a lot for the feedback, a lot improve for the next one.

Cheers :D


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