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Well, im makin a CS:Source remake of cs_assault mainly for me to learn how to use hammer. Only problem is, i can make powerlines hanging from roof to roof, but i cant seem to make a fu**ing ladder. Lasalas tried to explain, but he is silly. He sent me to countermap :/

Anyway, as you can see, my version is more of an industrial landscape than a city. (Although the skybox will prolly have big buildings in the BG)

What you can see on this little teaser picture is the CT start, just remember before you complain at me, that this is very WIP and thats why i put it in this WIP thread and it is also LIP (Learning in progress).

This is my first "real" map for the source engine, and ive only used Valve Hammer for 3 days. So i am still learning.

And i know this isnt much of a screenshot, but you will see more later.

<3 /Tisky




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Im currently playin around with some diff lights, trying to get something that looks nice ;P

Also i read a tutorial about overlays, so its gonna be even sexier. :P

Those texture are not from CSS. They are HL 2 textures.

thanks for the nice comments :oops:

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that remake is awesome as hell.

Tisky, you can still beat it though.

You have to go all the hell out and make what you're doing look like an actual city, not an enclosed map area. So make your block building different sizes (some even many stories taller than the others)

I'd also spend a lot of attention detaliling out all your areas so they have their own personality.

make under the bridge feel like under a bridge. Graffiti, water, broken fences, trash.

Make the entry way to the high way feel like one. Make it feel like the highway keep going in both direction adn you're actually getting on an access ramp. Sorta like everything below the highway is the ghetto.

Populate the map with new life. Hl2 has tons of broken down cars and shit to use to make it feel dillapidated.

Mapcore will win on all fronts of css mapping. If you get stuck, pass it off to someone else, and let them go for a while. We want all maps killing in rotation.


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As my dear friend Zilla mentioned, you might as well use the engine to good use. Yeah, it would be really easy to make a brush-for-brush remake of assault. So you might as well make this actually feel like something real.


1)Embed windows into the wall instead of making them flat.

2)Make there be a reason there are ladders and such at stupid points in the map

3) Make the inside of the warehouse actually feel like one.

4)Make it feel like you're actually in a city with road markers, stop signs, sidewalks, trash cans, newspaper boxes, street lights, etc. Assault was always bizarrely scaled for some reason.

5)Don't be afraid to alter the layout/dynamics. People have been playing assault for 5 damn years. It's horribly repetitive and badly unbalanced. don't be afraid to chance the dynamics be altering the scale, adding windows you can snipe through, adding different ways to breach the building, etc. Sure, it's going to take playtesting to balance the map, but people would probably kill for a balanced Assault.

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