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Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves


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Woa, after seeing the last trailer and the last few shots I just decided to open a thread about this game in here, and show ya all how fucking awesome and good looking this is! :shock:

I mean, Holy fucking shit, what do they feed to Naughty Dog's artists?! I want some... :P


E3 trailer <3 http://v2betav2.gamersyde.com/stream_11265_en.html






And a few screen caps from the vids I posted above:










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Completely and utterly surpassed MW2 as my most anticipated game of 2009 after I saw the Sony conference demo + new trailer. Now I really feel like a damn foo for not getting the collectors edition of inFamous with a beta key :) (Although I'm still not totally sold on the multiplayer tbh)

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Btw, that gameplay video you posted is missing the beginning and end, they got the complete one from Sony's conference on Gametrailers:

http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-09 ... 4?type=flv

Ah, good spotted yeah... :)

Nysuatro, get a used one! :) I did... a 60gb model, that even runs PS2 games! Not easy to find a good bargain, but if you look well, you might get lucky! Lots of unemployed's out there, in need of urgent money.

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This does look truly astounding. I still consider the original Uncharted one of the best games of this generation, perhaps not entirely for its gameplay but the whole package of its atmosphere, story and characters — it actually reminds me of Broken Sword in some respects. It came out a bit too early in the PS3's life cycle for its own good really though, as when it was hot news not too many people had one.

It looks like this is really stepping things up a notch, and it also happens to look aesthetically superb. Going to be one of the strongest games coming out for quite some time I think. :)

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The multiplayer is suprisingly fun. Mostly been playing competitive but I appreciate a cover based game where cover actually works online. Climbing around right now is a little unforgiving, as it leaves you pretty vulnerable but it's a lot of fun faking people out by slipping off a ledge, only to pop back up a second later to take them down with a pistol shot. The capture the relic mode is good fun too.

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Tasty! Uncharted definitely is the better tomb raider. We want GOOD comedy + WICKED action + Crazy Acrobatics + Awesome Locations.... Just because you slam a chick with big tits in doesn't make the game good.

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Everything looks absolutely beautiful except for the stupid DOF filter :P

hey DOF is nice if used wisely, and in here It's very nice to control the player where to keep the eyes focused in cinematics for instante.

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I got to play the SP today at E3. Just sick. My favorite game of E3. Gotta jump into the MP beta woot!

The coop looked great tho I didn't play it.

The MP, while looking good, interested me less but good for Sony for putting a lot into this. Still, a lot of people at the show were very excited about it.

But man, the SP was just so awesome, even though I can't say it was all that revolutionary. It's just the way the game puts all the details together. Plus the writing and voice acting and humor were just the right tone.

On then i played God of War III....awesome. GoW fans will be pleased...but I am still looking forward to Uncharted 2 more.

Come on Sony...sell more consoles so all the devs out there have more to sell games into. Go GO GO!

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