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Project Natal

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I don't know what to make out of this yet. If this is truely genuine, I guess all of us need to put some serious thinking into the possibilities that are opening up and we need to rethink about how we interact with games..."games" - I'm not even sure if that term is still appropriate for that Mylo character, this looks like crazy sci-fi virtual computer character shit. One thing to me is certain - it won't work as good as in those videos. It can't. Prove me wrong, but this technology seems to be coming out of nowhere (scanning your skeleton, scanning items, how crazy is that?) and while I must admit, my initial skepticism towards this whole thing has been somewhat lifted after reading hands-on articles of journalists trying it, I'd like to try this myself before getting too excited. I don't know if that made sense, but I'm quite baffled, what does everyone else think?

P.S. Kudos to Microsoft for stealing Sony's thunder before they even presented their motion technology. Those two glowing sticks surely do look kinda stupid now in comparison.

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its a tech demo just like devlopers put out videos before games are done. it reminds me of this:


im sure its cool and stuff but im also sure it will be finicky and not work perfectly as a first gen technology, especially if conditions like lighting and clothing are perfect. i hate playing games in the light. i hope most of all that remotes aren't left completely out of the picture with all the hype. buttons and joysticks will always have a place and need

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