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http://pc.ign.com/dor/objects/14352245/ ... 52809.html

Whole bunch of L4D2 videos released all at once, including gameplay footage. The uzi has barbwire wrapped around the barrel :o

I'm actually gonna give L4D2 the benefit of the doubt. It DOES sound like it's coming way soon compared to Valve's normal behaviors, but what they've got looks good. I dig the New Orleans setting, I dig the visuals, and I really, really dig the extensive upgrade to their gore system.

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To me this is one of the few, rare cases of "more of the same" being good enough to me! 60 $ might be too much in this case, so I hope they will launch it with a lower price tag, but on the other hand I love L4D and can't wait to play the new campaigns :)

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IMO L4D lacked enough content in terms of weapons, environments and replability to warrant the full price tag, yes it's fun on lan but TF2 is much better value in all areas.

Sounds to me like they are working hard on HL3 (and ep3?) and are putting out another game to keep the fans happy. Even if it doesnt make sense. That being said L4D could be pretty cheap to make in terms of development costs so from a business standpoint it could be profitable even if it doesnt sell that well.

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Was hoping this wasnt true.

This looks like L4D meets Killing Floor. Seems like Valve got inspired by it :P

It feels rather incomplete to me btw, not sure about the daytime setting as well.

It would be ok with me if the game was for like 10$ for L4D owners.

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