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Yeah, happened to me and a mate playing VS the other day. Asked the other team to charge the stuck palyer to free him, instead they just picked the rest of us off and then killed him, probably because we were kicking their collective asses :oops:. Even admin slap wouldn't free the guy.

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I've had no issues with difficulty. They all must suck horribly.

I've completed every campaign except Swamp Fever with average players with less than two retries. Usually only one or none.

Oi! I've found their problem.

To make sure I wasn't somehow cursed; that AI Director 2.0 didn't just have it out for me personally, I played the game both pre- and post-release with six different gamers, all of whom had experienced the original (and some of whom were really good at it).

That's probably because ALL SIX OF THESE 'GAMERS' NEED TO GET WITH THE TIMES, AND STOP USING OLD TACTICS. If you use the same tactics from L4D1 of course you're gonna get owned, that's the entire idea here is to add new gameplay tactics to change it up.

Christ that's like building a bomb and seeing it doesn't work, so in the second version you use the same tactics to build it even though you know it won't work.

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Joystiq just talk a lot of shit to be honest. Its sad that such an unprofessional lot get to run a site that gets so many hits.


Were you playing on PC, Lord Ned? Cause the gamers with jobs cast also said they had no problems, and the reviewer said he played the PC version (in bootcamp on his mac of course :lol: ) and had a much easier time, even though he wasn't used to mouse control.

Yeah. However L4D is more designed to be a console game so I don't see why Valve would have made it super hard.

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i played through one of the campaigns yesterday on realism/normal, and i've gotta say, i'm far from impressed. apart from the new materials, the few extra special infected, it's basically the same game as the first one. maybe it's just not my type of game, but i definitely do not see myself shelling out money for an entire new game to get just this.

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