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":1ysw42u3]Mmm... i don't know man, I guess I'll skip on this one for now. It's just that, even with all the new cool stuff, it looks a little bit more of the same. Tofu tried to convince me to buy it, but I don't know... Kinda busy with MW2 MP now anyways.


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Just leave it open Mino, it's an error but I think it means L4D2 is decrypting. I eventually left mine open and it went away.

Yeah seemed to be the case. It worked after 40 minutes or so :S

The game is amazing by the way. Meele is really fun and the new campaigns are amazing (the swamps one is soo cool). I found the game a bit unbalanced sometimes though. The mall campaign is too easy while the swamps finale is too hard and unfair (we were playing on normal and sometimes we had 2 tanks throwing stones at us at the same time - and of course, they never miss).

Anyway, if you loved the original you are gonna love this!

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Damn I rushed home to play L4D2 and now Steam is acting super gay on me and "Scanning for games updates" forever!!! GAhhh anyone else experiencing this as well??

I hate that. Its been a problem I've had forever, way before L4D2. After any game had an update pretty much of any kind I would get this. Because my Internets so slow it would take hours, sometimes I would have to just finally go to sleep and hope the next day it was done. Its really worthless, especially when you just want to play something like Mass Effect, or HL2.

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I'm digging realism mode a lot. Not only does the hud being removed force you to be a little more practical with your team but the weapons seem a whole lot more balanced now that headshots actually count. Shotguns work as crowd control, assault rifles as precision hits. In regular, you kinda just end up spraying no matter the weapon with pretty much the same results.

Basically did a 180 on my initial feelings after doing some realism.

Also, the SCAR is totally the new AK in games. I blame Advance Warfighter.

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Just spent the last... *checks watch* 7 hours playing, non stop. I've played the first 3 campaigns though on Advanced.

Won myself a Gnome on Dark Carnival and we lugged the damn thing through three miles, uphill both ways in the middle of a zombie infestation.

Then we had to get the guy onto a freaking helicopter. What a challenge that was. We eventually one by one guy becoming a hero, running one way throwing every molotov, pipebomb, bile, and eating every pill bottle (And adrenalin) he could find.

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