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Hand drawn art


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My assumption is it was a halloween mask, as you can see towards the bottom left corner, you see that darkened arch which seems like it would go over your head and sit on your shoulders. It was something the teacher had put in front of class for everyone to draw. And down in the left corner is another mask with less detail that she hasnt put much effort into yet.


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The white background kind of distracts me. IF she did more of a darker background to push out the mask maybe? I'd put more white ontop of the eyes to pop them more out, and make darker shades of grey in the face recesses to give it more depth. The mask has black in it to get a good range of tones, however the body lacks the blacks. This makes a lot of depth in the mask but a rather flat body. Kinda distracts my eye.

i really like the overall image though. Very original in my eyes. She did a very nice job :)

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