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Heavy Rain


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Some new footage



I'm very intrigued by the core concept of being able to go on with the game even if one of your characters dies, but I can't help but notice that at no point does he say that these characters stories are linked together, so it might be as simple as saying "Hey, no more on this guys story then!". Anyway, if nothing else it looks different, although maybe a bit too reliant on QTE's for my taste :o

Just hope the plot won't go fucking braindead like Fahrenheits. Damn cyber bugs and save the world plot :G

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Yeah the original "rape attempt" (that's how I remember it) seemed to promise a lot more than this, and once again this is just going to be the same random bullcrap QTE sequence over and over again. We get it David Cage, you want to make movies. Fine, go make them.

I was certainly hoping the game would embrace a brand new way to look at controls, something entirely contextual maybe, modifying them on the fly depending on what you want to do and where interactive elements are located around the player. I really want to see this tried, so that we can finally feel the gamepad is the extension of the character's hands. It seems this will only come through cameras and mimicking in front of your TV.

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We get it David Cage, you want to make movies. Fine, go make them.

What's wrong with trying to make a movie out of a game? I like the idea of playing something rather than sitting back on the couch watching the directors make all the moves for me. With a game like this, it's easy to forget that you have no investment in the characters being shown in the trailers. Once you do, wouldn't you enjoy controlling their stories?

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If this were to be like the ultimate QTE-type game then I think I could actually enjoy it, where you can choose to handle each situation in totally different ways and genuinely change the outcome. For example, I'd be quite impressed if during that encounter with the beastly black guy you could just crack some jokes to end the problem in a friendly way, and he becomes an ally or something in the story. You know, truly script-changing stuff.

Sadly I suspect that despite their promises of dozens and dozens of scenes, no game over screens, a flexible story, etc, it'll actually end up more like Fahrenheit where it's basically a series of long cutscenes and you pretty much just keep the cutscene going by hitting the right buttons.

I guess when you really think about it, what they're doing here isn't that different to old-school adventure games. In classics like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango you pretty much just carried out a series of pre-defined actions in exactly the way the developer intended, but were given some choice over which dialogue to use, when to do certain things, etc. And when some serious storytelling was needed, you watched a completely non-interactive cutscene.

It was more the story, atmosphere, and characterisation that made those games so great, and that kind of distracted you from the fact you had pretty much no say in how to play the game. If Heavy Rain can nail the same things I think it could be very entertaining — or it could be like Fahrenheit and go completely off the deep end story-wise.

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