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I keep reading it sucks hard :( well here's to hoping when I give it a try.

After playing the demo for 2 matches, which is good enough for me as DM is boring as shit. If the demo was not DM only, the game would not be so bad. I dont find the UI, controls or graphics half as bad as what I have read on them faggitory interwebs :P

I got to try both marine and alien so far. But for a real impression I want to try other game modes as I dislike standard Deathmatch. Those who complain about no prone in BFBC2, you can't even crouch in this game.

Other then that DX 11 and dedicated servers will only available in the full release

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Damn bro... you're the necro master.  But ah well, since you've dug the body, let's at least pay it's respects, here's an awesome behind the scenes with one of the dudes who worked on the thing.

lol Multiplayer demo. I thought it was single player. Fuck this. I clicked QUICK MATCH and I never got a game because it couldn't find one. And I am not sitting there waiting for ages until it does!

Where the dick lips is my server browser please you hybrid consoleized thing.

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Here is a quick guide if you do not know what you are doing, also play alien if you are new, as they are pretty OP, they can clearly see anyone, even trough walls.

As an alien it's pretty fucking simple, wanna go up a wall hold the mouse 3, don't just press it near the wall.

Wanna jump over somewhere, look at it and press space. Wanna get away real quick, hold q.

Fast melee is mouse 1, heavy melee (aka tail) is mouse 2. If you wanna do a 1 hit kill get behind something and press e. also you stick to everything, so if lets say a pred comes on a beam/bridge, just walk to the side and walk on the underside, get behind them and kill them.

As a Pred, press F to switch vision modes, mouse 1 is light melee, mouse 2 is fast melee, hold both mouse 1 and mouse 2 to block. Press R for cloak.

Also press shit to focus, focusing shows you where neat things are. Also if you get the shoulder cannon, holding mouse 3 will begin the autolock, if all three stripes form a triange you have a lockon and a one hit kill.

If you focus you can also choose where to jump, while focusing you will see red circles where you will land if you jump, press space while focusing to jump

To do a one hit melee, get behind something and press e. Choose which weapons you use with 1-4 number buttons. You start with no guns.

If you are a muhreen, then meh.

You can change what you play in the lobby. You see your portrait, most likely muhreen, well in the left upper corner of the portrait are 3 different symbols which are easy to overlook, press a symbol to switch to that type of char.

Game is smooth and fun, a very good improvement on it's very old predecessors.

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