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Man, I've been looking forward to this game for ages. The reviews say it's the best MGS game yet, and is very long.. the fact it doesn't come out for like half a year over here in the UK is a slight annoyance though omg?

What kind of h4x4ge do I need to get some US version working on the UK consoles? :(

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so i bought the game yesterday. took me a few hours to get past the first little area, getting used the controlls and all. its very hard since you dont have any kind of radar that shows guard locations, and everyones camod real well. lots of depth this time, changing camo and face paint, capturing and eating food, etc. still has the year long cutscenes and codec conversations, but what would mgs be without those?

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i doubt i'll get to it. i mostly manager shooter/action stuff...not stealth...and i barely have enough time.

i would very much like to know what people around here think of it.

right now i got HL2, Halo2 in the hopper...with GTA:SA and a few others waiting...LotR:BfME...um...BiA later...too many games...stop....coming at me....

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Been playing it for quite a while now, n i lubber it

One thing that keeps irretating me a bit is the fact that its near impossible to properly sneak up on the soldiers without being spotted when you're outside.

Also the lipsyncing is kinda fuckled at times, but it was like that in MGS2 too at times, so its not really that big a deal

Oh and its probably also the best looking ps2 game to date, gotta love them water reflections~~

Anyway, gonna give it a break and complete hl2 now

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god the video game industry is running me broke.....in the last month alone i spent over $150 on san andreas, hl2 and mgs3........i need a better job D;

its weird....because usually i would either A. pirate the games B. wait till they get really cheap C. wait till they come out for pc, then pirate it

but for some reason i actually feel like im STEALING now, maybe this is what they call growing up and being mature.....PENIS FACE PENIS FACE MAZY IS A PENIS FACE

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Just completed it, awesome game, some of the best cinematic cutscenes in a game to date (and there ingame), some truely amazing stuff, just too bad that their lipsyncing is a bit off. Gotta check the ending another time tho, went a bit fast n i didnt quite get all of the details.

Oh yeah, they are apparently gonna release it in Europe in like July 2005, fucking crazy that they need that much time :G

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