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Hi all, this is my first post here. I'm working on a UT3 map for some weeks, that's my first one in fact.

I'm using my own assets and I'll use it on PS3.

It's not finished at all as you can see but I'm running into troubles with the map.

Indeed, I can't get nice shadow on the terrain. I can't figure out what's going wrong, I hope it's something that could be fixex.

I have a terrain and a bunch of statics meshes on it, mostly trees, rocks and foliages which are not effected by the lighting.

However, I would like to get nice shadows on the ground caused by my trees and others props but the prob is I don't figure out why I don't succeed to get them.

There is no shadows on the terrain itself except the shadows of the terrain because of the small slop and etc...

Here my settings.

As you can see on the following pic with the cart, there is no shadows projected by that one on the ground.


My lighting settings


and the settings of the terrain itself:


On that screen you can see I disabled the lightmapping, it's just because I wanted to test if that could change something, because I had another map whitout this settings and I had nice shadows on the ground (that was using vertex lighting)

Any help will be appreciated. By the way... I forgot to mentin that all my statics have the "castshadow" checkbox enabled aswell...

Hope someone could give me the key.

Thanks you all in advance.

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Yes I've tryied this, the value was "8".

I'm a bit desparated .... Can't solve it :comeback:

thanks for your reply

Edit: I know maybe what's the "prob", I think my directionnal is a "dynamiclight" so if I want shadows to appear on the ground, statics have to have the "castdynamicshadow" enabled.

If that's because of this, I was wondering, if using dynamic lighting would have a huge impact on performance ? It's just a small scene...

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