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Source - Static prop with multiple sequences


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To date all I've made is static props with a single sequence.

I have some vehicle models I'd like to make 3 sequences for:

wheels straight

wheels turned left

wheels turned right

I tried just turning the wheels accordingly in Max and exporting 3 different sequences (using Jed's export tool). I've already checked out the wiki and example QC's in the modelsrc directory.

Here's the QC:

$modelname "metroplex\camaro.mdl"

$cdmaterials "models\metroplex"


$body "body" "camaro_ref.smd"

$sequence idle "camaro_ref.smd"

$sequence left "camaro_left.smd"

$sequence right "camaro_right.smd"

$collisionmodel "camaro_phy.smd"

$surfaceprop "metal"



$mass 1000


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Oh, I have the same probleme for a model : i would like to make 2 sequence ( off and rolling wheels for a "wagon" )

But, i think my QC is bad, because in source, when it's compiled and integrated to game, the prop_dynamic do not roll...

$modelname "wagon.mdl"

$scale 1.00

$cdmaterials "models" 

$body studio "wagon_ref.smd"

$sequence "Idle" "wagon_idle" fps 10 ACT_IDLE 1

$sequence "Idle2" "wagon_idle2" loop fps 20 ACT_IDLE 2

$surfaceprop "wood"

$hboxset "default"

$collisionmodel "wagon_phys.smd" {


	$mass 200


Here is my QC, if you can help me, i will be very happy ! :P

And my english is bad, like for any french people.

So, I will follow this thread ^^

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