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District 9


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Looks really compelling. Clever how they segued from what seemed like some kind of documentary into the sci-fi stuff — didn't see that coming at all, being totally unfamiliar with it. Also it's Jackson so it has to be amazing.

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Woah, they had me sitting here with a very surprised look on my face when that spaceship appeared halfway through the trailer. I really like the way they anthropomorphize the aliens and thereby transforms the story into a true fable allowing one to reflect upon how this can give a perspective to current day conflicts.

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the the aliens are a metaphor for an arbitrary unwanted human minority is pretty damn obvious. but i am sure this will work handsomely no matter how obvious.

i just wished they pixilated the aliens a bit more things tend to loose their scariness if you can see them too much ^^

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Interesting, i too almost laughed when i saw the alian, and thought wth about that pixelayed face. But as warby and Zacker says "the aliens are a metaphor" i also believe this but it works. And yeah Thrik it is Jackson so.... Lets hope at least. I'll watch it for sure, not until i have seen it will i be able to say if it is bad or good.

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