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Fallout: New Vegas


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http://www.gamepro.com/article/news/209 ... new-vegas/

Being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, aka the studio formerly known as Black Isle. Slated for 2010 release date.

Bethesda said the game is not a sequel to Fallout 3, it's simply another Fallout game in the universe, and has no impact on Bethesda's Todd Howard and his studio's unannounced projects, which may or may not be Fallout related.....Bethesda did confirm that Fallout: New Vegas will be the same sort of role-playing game as Fallout 3.

Perhaps having Obsidian develop it will aide in some of the issues many had with it(dialog, atmosphere, etc)? Personally I loved the atmosphere and functionality of FO3, but I feel there is certainly room for improvement on the dialog and main storyline. The first time I played FO3 it felt a bit rigid, some of the freedom of FO1/2 seemed to be gone.. But I'm playing it through again now, and completely giving the bird to my in-game "dad" and just running around exploring, and I the freedom feels back again.

I think the issue with FO3 was the immediacy of the main story line. In FO2, someone just says "find the geck" and boots you out of town with no more than a loincloth and a spear. Its overwhelming, and I think that helps the immersion. In FO3 you always have a green arrow somewhere on your radar telling you where to go next to find daddy. Kinda sucks the 'how the hell am I going to get there?' feeling out of it. Perhaps the storyline is as linear in the FO2, it just isn't as apparent.

Anyways /rant, I hope FO:Vegas immerses the player a bit better, leaves them in the dark a little more, just give them a starting place and a goal, don't illuminate the path quite so much. Vegas is certainly a top-notch choice for a setting.


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sounds like good news to me. if brian fargo has anything to do with this whatsoever, it'll be kickass.

i enjoyed fallout 3 but i have a hard time seeing myself playing it over again. it just doesn't feel like you have the same freedom that you have in the first two; like you said it was more centered around the main plot. another problem for me was the atmosphere in game; it made it feel as if it wasn't set in the fallout universe at all. it's a shame really because i loved the concept art for fallout 3. it just lacked a good narrative and some more freedom (exactly that "what do i do" feeling).

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