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Recoil Games - Lead Programmer


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We are looking for a Lead programmer for our ambitious next-gen project Earth No More.

Duties and responsibilities:

- As the Lead Programmer you will lead the programming team to improve and debug licensed game engine technology and tools to develop a cutting edge next-gen AAA title.

- The Lead Programmer will work with the production, programmers and other leads on the project to determine programming tasks and schedule requirements.

- The Lead Programmer will mentor programmers in the team and maintain a positive work environment as well as continually review the game and development process and identify areas that need improvement.

The Lead Programmer will also participate in actual programming activities in various places in the code base, build a cohesive programming team, and write technical documentation.


* Highly proficient in C++ and object-oriented design

* Interest and experience in most aspects of game technology development (3D, AI, animation, audio, gameplay, physics, UI, network, tools)

* Excellent interpersonal and verbal & written communication skills

* Fluent in English

* Strong desire and drive to develop cutting edge AAA titles

* Worked on at console/PC titles in a lead role from start to finish, or worked on at least two console titles in a senior role from start to finish

* Good team player and ability to utilize the potential of the programming team

* Comfortable in working with an established code framework

* Ability to provide reliable schedule estimates and manage the programming team

* Ability to write robust, efficient and maintainable code and mentor the programming team to do the same

* Good 3D math understanding

* Ability to work efficiently and with diplomacy under pressure


* Experience with Unreal Engine 3 by Epic Games

* Experience in developing on next-gen consoles (Xbox 360, PS3)

* Experience in agile development methodologies

* Bachelors degree in software engineering

* Passion for developing and playing video games

* Experience in shipping an FPS game

We offer:

* Company ownership

* High profile project co-produced by Radar Group

* Competitive salary

* Participation in the company's bonus system

* A comprehensive health care benefit

* 5 weeks of annual vacation (in addition to 10-12 public holidays)

* Comprehensive employee insurances

* Relocation package with home visitation benefit

* Experienced and relaxed yet ambitious work atmosphere

* A country with one of the highest standards of living

Additionally, we like to encourage everyone to give their input in the creative process and we offer all of our employees the resources they need to succeed and do their very best.

This is a full-time job, situated in Helsinki, Finland. Relocation is mandatory.

Please forward your application, CV and work samples to jobs @ recoilgames.com

Please provide documents in PDF, Word or HTML formats.


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