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Regarding Meatwad/MrH2o�


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oh no .. i saw skjalg and cybbe messages on msn and i was wondering if it was a joke or not, and unforntunately it isn't :( ...

That's really terrible, especially for his family, my uncle is dead 3 weeks ago, so i know how it is ... All my wishes to them

Never forget the people who died but more importantly, do not forget those who are still live

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Wow this is very shocking, sad news.

I didn't know him well but I do remember him from years ago back on IRC when I used to hang out there, and of course on our little site here. Very sad indeed. My condolences to his family, loved ones and all his friends. And my special condolences to everyone here who knew him better than I did. It is clear he will be missed greatly.


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I remember the incident with gamer55 who informed everyone on the channel about his death in a car accident and then logged in as skrufuls to mock at us. I hope this is also a joke, but is so, it's in a really bad taste!

Watah was a cool guy. He was able to cut the shit and talk without the arogance and sarcasm all of you have (well, not all but many do).

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