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Zombies in gaming?

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Just wondering what your guys opinion on zombies are. With the massive influx of zombie games since l4d has come out i am beginning to question the "wow" factor in zombies. Now when i talk zombies i talk all kinds/variants... infected.. etc... melee attacking people...

Do you think these "zombie" type enemies are fun? I for one am starting to get kinda bored with the whole zombie thing lately. Its lost its "wow" much like DDAY has in gaming.

My opinion is heightened when i play a games like halo/cod/hl/stalker which all feature zombie parts.

Left 4 Dead was fun but i haven't played it lately for this same reason...

Are these zombie type enemies essential ? or would you like to see a break from them for a while?

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I don't really care. If it's fun to shoot, good enough for me.

This is generally the opinion i find myself having. I don't really care whats between my sights, they all die the same generally. I also don't see how people can get bored of zombie enemies, when faceless grunts are a much bigger plague as far as uninspired enemy types go.

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Resident Evil 4 managed to give its zombies some depth by making them able to run, use weapons, climb ladders, or by having different reactions to shooting them, like the parasites coming out of their neck and attacking you. Zombies that can only walk towards the player to melee him are boring and they'd have to be in an insanely huge number to be any fun (like in Dead Rising, where it was in turns fun and frustrating).

I like the zombies in L4D, because they're fast and you can't really get away from them, but without the special infested, the game would still be boring. I believe zombies can be good enemies if they're part of something bigger, i.e. if they're only the cannon fodder of some higher entities, or obstacles while solving a puzzle, or part of the puzzle, or if we provide fun ways to get rid of them, like in HL2 in Ravenholm.

Just like soldiers, robots, or orks, zombies can be done right or wrong, I don't think it's a bad concept in itself, but as they're known to be dumb and slow in movies and culture, it can be tempting to fall into the trap of using them unoriginally.

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