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Crank 2


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I only just saw the first Crank a few weeks ago, totally expecting that I'd hate it, but it was actually pretty good. Not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but really good fun for what it is, a silly action movie. Also the fact that it very much has the feel of a game makes it kinda cooler.

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I didn't like Crank much, but I think it was because I love Jason Statham as an actor and I think he had a dumb role in this one. Lots of scenes killed the fun for me (outdoor sex and all the people around complimenting him about the size of his weiner) while others were very well done or filmed, so I guess it's an okay movie if you like mindless action.

As Mazy said, the cool point was how it would remind me of games, and there were some cool parts like

when he phones his girlfriend while falling of the chopper at the end


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love it love it love it :) Crank 1 was top notch, love the editing, if you haven't watched it with directors commentary then I highly recommend doing so, as there's a lot you miss the first time around :)

Cant wait for it to be out here in Buda

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The first one was insane, it was just non-stop but really well done. The bit where he's having sex with his girlfriend with all the chinese crowd was hilarious. Hoping the sequel will live up to the original at least.

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