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I played it for a few hours yesterday and I think it's a respectable release.

I'm enjoying the story, so-far the levels feel very linear with the focus being the combat. The melee combat system is original and offers a solid amount of moves. I also like the vegetation models, they're very shapely and surreal. Overall I really like the artistic style though some assets and levels don't look as polished as they could.

It uses a VS sequence (like a 2d fighter) before every major fight. I think this is a nice touch but should have been reserved for boss fights instead of all the time.

I think Zeno Clash is a fine testament to small teams and online distribution.

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i played through it. the general feeling i got from it was that it could have used more testing. when paying any amount of money for a product, you expect at least some sort of professional entertainment; so there are things i would nag about that wouldn't bother me if it was free. like spelling mistakes in the subtitles for instance, or how speech only works when you face the person you're talking to.

another frustration was the lock on system that seemed completely gimmicky. the most annoying part was the auto-lock which could not be levied in any way, and if you tried to do it manually, you started targeting another opponent. it feels like this should have been used for bosses battles only and not for regular opponents. general targeting of animals (squirrels included) was pretty horrible, as was the lack of a quick save button.

the game had its moments though, and the story; visuals and universe were enough to at least inspire me. i also condone it for trying out something new, although i think it's worth pointing out that first person brawlers might not be the way, especially due to the lack of peripheral vision that 3rd person games give you. the game is certainly not bad, but it could use more testing and polish.

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