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Ubisoft Montreal is hiring senior level designers for AAA


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Purpose of Position:

The incumbent will create the game levels and create and/or implement the gameplay situations based on the creative vision.


The main and routine functions of the level designer are to:

-Understand the part that his/her level plays in the overall game experience based on the creative director’s vision;

-Be familiar with the script and, more specifically, with the episodes in his/her level so that the story remains coherent;

-Prototype the environment, establish the layouts, and suggest ways of using the interactive and non-interactive elements to create the desired emotions;

-Communicate the results of the prototype to the other crafts in order to validate the intentions and have the level design TD assess the technical feasibility and the quality of the maps (game design director);

-Work in collaboration with the level artists to ensure that the playability of the level and the graphic elements support each other;

-As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced in the map (new gameplay, AI, sound, etc.);

-Control the accessibility, understanding, and level of difficulty of the level;

-Correct the level design bugs entered into the database by testers;

-Carry out all other related tasks.


Attestation of collegial studies in video game level design and production or equivalent.

Relevant Experience:

Minimum 3 years’ experience in video game level design and production or any other relevant experience.


Other Skills:

-Ability to work well as part of a team;

-Creativity, ability to challenge the player;

-Critical and analytical sense;

-Structure and rigour;

-Ability to put oneself in the player’s shoes.

Company Description:

Ubisoft, producer, editor and distributor of video games, interactive software, and multimedia applications situated in a loft in the heart of Mile-End, Montreal, offers a stimulating work environment where creativity, friendliness and leading edge technology are how what we pride ourselves in. You will benefit from a competitive salary and a range of social advantages, packaged with the strong possibility of advancement, as well as profit from a learning environment allowing you to get hands on experience with the latest innovations of your field.

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