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Looking for concept artist for last ever mod project

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Hi guys,

Im looking for some help with what will most likley be my final major mod/map project. Starting June im taking time out from my full time work move back to the uk, relax and primarily work on a small project for around 6-7months which I hope to represent the culmination of everything i've learned over the past 5 years of working in the Source engine, environment art and level design.

I spotted a little-known mod called Dear Esther a few months ago which was oozing potential and originallity but had been pushed from the limelight due to it not forfilling it's potential. It is sorely lacking in the art side of things and needs a lot of polish in it's design but I have been in talks with it's original creator and have decided to take the mod and bring it up to the quality it deserves.

To describe the mod is kinda difficult. It's steeped in mystery and hidden meanings but follows the last journey of a dying and disturbed man who has stranded himself away from the world on a small island. I think the best way to really get a feel for it is to play the 'alpha' version for yourself (just squint your eyes and use your imagination a bit for the parts that are lacking) You can download it here http://www.moddb.com/mods/dear-esther.

Right now im working on the design, pacing and preparing the geometry for much cleaner displacements for the terrain in source. However at this stage it would be really nice to get some Paintovers on some of the existing areas to get ideas on how and where the visuals can be enhanced and fleshed out. I dont really need anything super cool looking just anything to help stimulate the imagination and get an idea of the direction the art could take.

If anyone fancies lending a hand i'd greatly appreciate any help I can get with this stage! Not sure if we have many concept artists here but if anyone know of someone who might be interested in helping out, please get them to drop me a line!!


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I played it, and the voice acting was just very very very awesome. Either its taken from some movie I have yet to see, or voice actor used here is extremely talented for this kind of project.

I however did not like the flashlight sound.

And yeah, are there no ending?

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Very cool, id love to see what you do with this. I'm actually in my first year of a course on games tech at Portsmouth Uni :cool:.

I played it through a little while back, and while it held my attention to the end, there were a lot of things that needed improving. Such as the really slow walking speed and so many large visually uninspired areas you were forced to move through at crawling speed. I realise this had to be done for pacing, so each sound clip could play out, but I'm sure you'll whip something up to hold attention visually.

Also, does this mean you've abandoned The Willows, i was looking forward to that :???:.

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Yeah you are spot on with these issues and it is something i'll be fixing and much improving upon during the redesign, when im done with it I hope it will be a really cool experience. Right now I just need some concepts to help give me ideas on how I can flesh out the Journey better for it to be more interesting.

Willows is on hold, I dont want to work on it right now with all the zombie craziness going on out there. It's ready for me to pick up again if I ever decide to, but right now I want to do something that's a little off the beaten track.

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Willows is on hold, I dont want to work on it right now with all the zombie craziness going on out there. It's ready for me to pick up again if I ever decide to.

That really sucks to hear, I was really looking forward to it :(

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