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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Teaser

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Just finished the game. Loved every second of it.

I read over your post Rick, thanks for clearing up most of the plot. There is one thing I did not get in the plot.

I never could understand the point of the Rio stuff. Wasn't Soap in russia, was this mission in the past. I think I missed something?

I only watched the videos, but as far as I could tell the Rio stuff was

because one of the shells shot in the Airport mission was traced to a weapon smuggler in Rio, and they were going after that guy to get more info on Zakarov. The info they ended up getting was that a prisoner in some Russian gulag was a guy Makarov wanted, so they go to release that guy, wanting to use him as bait to lure out Zakarov. That guy turned out to be Price.

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Finished the SP campaign...total time about 5.5 hours it said but it felt longer I thought. I sure died a lot. I just played it on regular cause I'm simply too old to deal with the frenzy of Veteran or Hardened.

Anyway, I finally started playing MP tonight (on PSN) and while a lot like past CoD games i still enjoyed it and really had no lag or technical problems. That said I have a fast cable connection and live in a big city (ironically about 3 miles from IW). Despite starting at lvl 1 tonight, all the lvl 20s, 30s and up players were actually nice and not talking crap on me, even when I lost the lead for a few times in close matches. Got to lvl 4 after a little while and concluded that it's still fun and overall worth the money since my cousin and I will probably play the co-op Spec-Ops stuff.

Bottom line, a good purchase and up there with Uncharted 2 as GOTY candidate for me.

PS... Composite I saw your sig on at least one level (Karachi (?) or something?) Felt like a composite level! :)

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The best reason I can think of is because they don't want you to mess in the customization window when you should be playing the game. But they could fix that buy either an 30 to 1 min afk timer, or by giving you some time ,before trowing you in a match when you join, to customize. Because of the lack of browser you cannot choose a specific map, and people will enter a snow map with red urban cammo and have no way of changing it. But even besides that, in mw1 some perks and load outs were really very situational, not really worth it having them in one of your 5 slots, so it would be nice to be able to quickly change them.

IIRC they did add it in mw1 with the modwarfare patch, but no one played that as you had to start over again, which I would not have minded if there were any servers in place for it.

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pc version of mw2, it would like you to connect to xbox live:


Ahahaha, my sides...

I've been playing Spec Ops, Semper Fi is solid on anything more than regular, can't get past the second wave, fuckers keep climbing up the ladder and stabbing me in the back.. deffo one for 2 players ;( The stealth mission that is similar to

Russian village with Price

was beat on hardened easy... wanna see what that's like on veteran. Can't get any less than 41 seconds on the Pit.. 35 seconds for 3 stars?! Fuck off :cry: The bridge level is hard as well.. can't get past the mi24 gunship that appears after the midsection collapses.. where the fuck is the rpg/stinger? :(

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Finished the first playthough yesterday on Regular. Hella fun. A few pacing complaints, but other than that, excellent top-notch campaign (also had a few crashing issues [DirectX errors, and also a crash when loading the very last level

right after you go over the waterfall

. With the advanced settings on anything but "High" (Extra, Medium, even Low), the game crashes with a memory exception]). Doing another playthrough on Veteran now (to tide me over until L4D2 and AC2).

Spec Ops is awesome, though you definitely need two people to get the full experience. With Campaign and Spec Ops, I'm completely satisfied with my purchase. I played with a buddy 'till 3 AM doing spec ops and it's insanely fun (escort missions and wave defense missions are the most fun).

Multiplayer is very "eeeehhhh". The matchmaking system is terrible. I'm a level two and I keep getting thrown into matches where everyone else is level 25 or higher (saw some 50's in there). The no dedicated servers doesn't really phase me because I don't give a shit about multiplayer (I'm just playing it to see what it's all about). I haven't had any trouble getting into games or laggy hosts. Played three or four matches and everything went well. I also like how when the host quits it automatically finds another one. It's a good 10 second pause in the game, but better than just crashing the whole thing.

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the game is now balanced:

Thanks to AgentGOD and his great work bringing the developer console back into the PC version, a whole new wave of servers are possible with vast amounts of customisation. Things such as unlimited ammo, massive experience points (10000xp for a single kill), Field of View tweaks, speed and gravity adjustments and so much more! The best bit is, this is all ranked and on IWNet!
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