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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Teaser

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 blasted past $US300 million ($324.4 million) in sales on its opening day, blowing away Hollywood films to become the highest-grossing entertainment launch ever.

The videogame bested Batman superhero film The Dark Knight, which holds the record for the top opening weekend ever by taking in $171 million dollars in July 2008.

Damn Composite, I hope you got a huge ass release bonus! :P

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Look at the fucking grin on that old guys face!! And the guy on the left failed!!!! wtf man, in thousands of possible arguments, he does that? I'm sure It's not easy to be on TV and all, but shit... And who is the guy anyway?

Btw, Psy, next time warn people about SPOILERS.

I didn't knew you were a CIA agent in the aeroport level, cos I haven't played the game yet,

ok man?

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LOL @ all the boycotters playing the game, fucking weaklings, it was obvious they'd be playing it on release...

Just stopping by to say that the sp game is fucking awesome, the detail is incredible, especially on the Rio levels.

The "lego" Jesus statue is still there though.. what the heck is up with that?! Game runs so smooth too, even with all the extra detail over the original my dinosaur pc still doesn't drop below 30 fps.

Having now played the airport scene I'm still not entirely convinced by it and I felt a little uneasy playing through (yes I shot civilians, figured I might as well play the level as it would be intended).

So far so good, the levels taking place during

The Russian invasion on American soil

are sooooo good.

I'm going back to the Gulag now, catch yall later you when I'm done...

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It worked good on my rig on 1680x1050, everything "on" or high/extra, without AA, but chugged really badly at

EMP in Washington scene were so many airplanes are falling.

But if I take a look at this comparison video http://www.gametrailers.com/video/pc-ps ... fare/58992 , and how phenomenlol it looks and runs on old hardware like the 360/ps3, it could have run a lot better.

Even with the res discrepancy.

Rig is q6600 @2.4ghz, 2gb,8800gt

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