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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Teaser

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Why is this always such a big deal, it's just video game, it's not real, even if you play satan shooting jesus, god and all Christians of the world, and you enjoy it, well it's a videogame, you enjoy it because you know it's impossible or extremely illegal/wrong to do it in real life and it's possible on your computer, even the littlest kid knows the difference between these two, so what does it matter who you are and who you're shooting, it's not real!

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I think the whole point of it is to make you uncomfortable. I wasn't planning on getting the game before but I think I just might have to, now. I love a good campaign that makes me uncomfortable to play it, but is so engrossing/good/effective that I have to. It's like watching a great movie that makes you feel like shit or sparks a emotions that normal movies don't (Requiem for a Dream, anyone? It's one of my favorite movies, yet I've only seen it once because I can't put myself through that again).

Unless IW gets massive heat from this and ends up having to remove it because of the damn general public. Then I won't get it. That'd be like if Aronofsky re-edited Requiem to have a happy ending, but then again I'm one of those games-are-art hippies.

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For all we know IW/Activision can be doing their own version from the page of GTA marketing: use controversy to get their mega selling franchise to sell even more? It's hardly needed, as everyone knows the game will be a blockbuster but I am assuming they know exactly what they are doing until proven otherwise.

But beyond debating if the footage leak was a PR stunt or not I think the content of it builds on the edgy-ness of the sequence in MW1 with the 1st person execution. Sure, this is waaaaaay more edgy but it shows IW is thinking about pushing the boundaries as mentioned in this thread already. I'm still going to play the game (360 or PS3 or PC?) but honestly watching that clip kinda made me want to imagine thinking about possibly considering the contemplation of perhaps maybe puking...but it's still just a game. :roll:

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