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Gearbox Software hiring Level Designers and Environment Art

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Hey guys. Long time no see. I've been lurking but not posting.

Update from me!

I'm the Creative Director of a project here at Gearbox that I'm pretty sure is going to be huge. It's something I'm sure a lot of you would be interested in checking out.

So basically right now we're looking for portfolios to take a gander at. We'll be bringing a lot of you in to check out what we're doing (under NDA) and try to get some of you guys jobs.

I'm just pasting in our current expectations but please feel free to send me your stuff based on any level of experience. You'll be sending your stuff directly to me.

Hit me back! I'm excited to see your stuff!


Level Designers: Single/Multi-Player

Position: Full-Time

Updated: 2009-02-16


• Develop single player and multiplayer levels based on existing game design documents and research material

• Implement and script combat

• Work closely with the design team to create and refine the gameplay experience

• Prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and communicate in a professional manner

Required Skills:

• Serious passion for games and level design

• Provide playable samples or screenshots from your levels

• Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

• Have a high school degree

• Live near or are able to relocate to Dallas, Texas

Desired Skills:

• 2+ years of professional game industry experience or published mod work

• Familiarity with Unreal technology

• Experience in Unreal's kismet interface, matinee, etc

• Single player experience

• College degree in related field

• Have shipped 1 or more AAA titles

Send resume to: [email protected] . Please include "Level Designer" in the subject line.

Environment Artists

Position: Full-Time

Updated: 2008-08-28

We are looking for all levels of Environment Artists who have the passion and talent to create visually stunning environments. Environment Artists will be part of the team creating environment art for an unannounced shooter based on one of the most famous shooters ever created, the Environment Artist will create all types of environment assets, terrain, structures and props. The Environment Artist will report to the Art Director.


• Ensuring the visual excellence of the environment art in the finished game.

• Creating excellent environment assets.

• Contribute to the creative and aesthetic sensibilities of the level designs.

• Work closely with the design department to ensure the art supports the game play.

Required Skills:

• Excellent environment art creation, both hi-poly and low-poly modeling, texturing and lighting.

• Technically proficient, must be comfortable with the technical aspects of environment creation, making sure that the levels look great while still being within specification and performance goals.

• Excellent communicator, the ability to effectively communicate between design, art and programming.

• All levels of experience welcomed.

Desired Skills:

• 3D Studio Max experience preferable.

• Unreal, Z-Brush or Mudbox experience desirable.

Send your resume to: [email protected] . Please include "Environment Artist" in the subject line.

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I'm happy for you you got quite the career bump with this new project. Best of luck with it, it sounds like an interesting project to be a part of, right from the start.

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