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Scene from a Movie - Minotaur0


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Hey guys, decided to participate in the scene from a movie competition at GA.net picking the bar from Fight Club.

I`ll be doing this by myself because I want to work on all aspects of this scene and because my schedule has been very uneven lately. It's the first time I'll be using the Unreal Engine editor so I'm really looking forward to this one.

Here's my moodboard:


Spent last night blocking out the main building and will do the surrounding environment today:





Crits are welcome!

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hrhr that green fake info_player-start i make one of those as well .. always :D

lol yeah. Unreal's player height is different so I got rather lost in the beginning.

I imported the scene into UE3 last night by the way, first experience with the editor and I must say I'm impressed at how professional it is. Been having some troubles with lightmaps and hotkeys but I hope to get them sorted out tonight and finish the blockout asap!

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I don't much like Unreal's playerheight of 96 units. A room height of 128uus is much too low for UT's jumpy gameplay and 256uus is often too high for 1-story rooms, and I usually prefer pure ^2 roomheights to make texture alignment easier :/

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I have been playing around with the Unreal Editor and it's one of the most amazing stuff I have ever touched ever. I assembled my scene in the editor and after learning the fundamentals I played a little with the lighting.





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