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European Nature Set v0.7 "Ol' Oak" release

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Just ready for the weekend I finished my latest European Nature Set release for the crowds. :)

This time I provide 4 new Oak models with several materials and variation. So you get 20 models at all to play around with. Not to mention the new textures which are selfmade again.

For the people which are asking for v0.6: It was an internal release for a client and several mod-teams out there. So if you use still v0.5 enyoy the update!

Content 0.7:

20 Oak variations

12 Birches

1 Cropfield

6 Pines (breakable)

8 Flowers / Weeds

2 Ground Branches


You can grab it there: http://www.michaelbetke.net/michimaps/treepack/NaturePack_Europe_0-7.zip

Catalogue with all models: http://www.michaelbetke.net/michimaps/treepack/European_Nature_Set_Catalogue_v-07.pdf




- oak_a

- oak_b

- oak_c

- oak_d

- oak_a_fall

- oak_b_fall

- oak_c_fall

- oak_d_fall

- oak_a_winter

- oak_b_winter

- oak_c_winter

- oak_d_winter

- plus different color variations

0.6 - internal release


- breakability for birches

- LoD models


- UV seams fixed on birches

- UV seams fixed on pines

- fixed pine breakability




All textures are 100% self-made by me so you can use it for other games too without bothering EULA or copyright. The Pack is free for non-commercial use. Contact me for commercial use. :)

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