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The latest invention of the creator behind Katamari Damacy. You don't roll over stuff this time round, you eat them and well, needless to say the game is quite weird :oops: Not sure if this was my cup of tea, but I downloaded and played it and it was quite fun for a bit atleast ^^ There are no real objectives except that you apparently work together with others on the internet to make the girlfriend worm long enough to connect the planets of the solar system ;P

http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/nobi ... ages;img;1

Check it out for yourself (if you like the "lsd without drugs"-effect), it's available on the PSN (dunno about xbox) for not much at all. I payed 35 SEK which is about 3 €.


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I am having fun with it, even when I play it by myself, but I definitely agree that the lack of an actual objective makes it impossible to play for more than half an hour at time. Its not a necessarily a bad thing, especially for such a cheap game, but it does make you wonder what it could've been like, had it just gotten a lil bit of Katamari's sense of purpose.

Still haven't bothered doing it, but I kinda wanna see how well the Youtube recording/uploading stuff works.

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