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Need help Finding a laptop


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I've been seaching for a while now for a laptop that has decent battery life (4+ hours at least) fairly compact (13-15inch screen) and some kind of graphics acceleration - doesnt have to be super fast, just anything other than a crappy intel chipset.

So far everything i've seen is either lacking in battery life or contains a nasty intel GPU. Only thing i've seen which looks kinda good is the new Macbook air, but that is a little too expensive for my tastes.

Anyone here got any sugestions?

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what do you mean by a 'proper' laptop? I dont want some chunky power-mad portable furnace sat on my lap if that's what you mean, all I need is some thing modestly powered and capable of browsing the web, doing a little Photoshop and maybe running hammer and hl2 at modest speeds without running out of juice after 30mins ...

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Well Im using an Auroa R700 by Samsung and it is pretty much what you seem to be looking for apart from bein 17". Dual Core is a must, 4 Gigs of Ram is for photoshop and vista inevitable, graphics card with 512 mb ram (although 256 will do as well) of the nvidea 8500 series does Obox at good details. It lasts for 1 to 3 hours, depending on application (word and stuff is 3 hours, photoshop, trackmania, source is 1 hour) with the shipped battery. there are better batterys you can buy and an additional one never hurts.

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i'm actually in the same situation, and i've been looking at the sony vaio z. it's 13.1", and comes with a 256mb 9300m gs card. with the standard battery you get 5-6 hours. for me it's a choice between this one and the dell studio xps 1340 (13.3", geforce 9500m instead of 9300m, same ram but apparently less battery).

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I think what you need is a netbook. Although must of them have crappy GPUs I was reading today about the Asus N10JC which has two different GPUs, one is the motherboard integrated graphics and the other is a nVidia's GeForce 9300M GPU with a button to switch between the two (the integrated graphics consumes less battery, that being the reason why they let you choose which one you want to use), and I've seen in a review showing it running L4D at around 40fps. The battery lasts around 5 to 6 hours in power saving mode, and around 3 hours if you're playing or doing something that consumes more battery. It has a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 160GB HDD drive (the same has the Asus eeePC 1000H), and for what I've seen it costs around 500€.

You can read a review here and check all the specs at Asus.com

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