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Realtime Worlds - Hiring - VFX Artist!!


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REALTIME WORLDS - creators of the no.1 hit game CRACKDOWN, are looking for a VFX Artist to join the art team on their latest, cutting-edge, AAA project - APB. This role will focus specifically on the design and creation of visual effects, helping to create high quality in-game effects for a next-gen online game.


  • Responsible for the creation of a wide range of visual effect art assets, created within the constraints of the target budget.
    Work with Lead Artist in creating spectacular visual effects work which is consistent with the established visual styling of the game.

    Will be responsible for all technical and aesthetic considerations for the project's visual effects.

    Take responsibility for producing own work to a high standard and to any agreed schedules.

    Present ideas and artwork in such a way as to communicate these ideas clearly, explaining artistic and technical issues.
    Create final quality visual effects using the Unreal 3 Editor and its tools.

Qualifications Required

Degree or diploma from Art College in Games Development, Fine Art, Design or Art related course.

Experience Required

  • At least 2 years experience in the industry.

    At least 1 year of experience as a VFX Artist.

    Experience of a full production cycle, from beginning to end, on at least 1 published game.

    Some prior experience working in the field of visual effects.

Knowledge/Skills Required

  • At least 3 years experience with industry standard 2-D package. Photoshop experience essential.

    Experience with the Unreal 3 Engine and its VFX tools a definite advantage, including Kismet and Matinee.

    Strong knowledge of Unreal 3 Engine shader and material tools also a major advantage.

    Knowledge of 3D packages would be an advantage. (3DSMax).

    Must have solid understanding of game creation processes and dependencies.

    Must have excellent understanding and implementation skills regarding in-game special effects such as the simulation of flashes, smoke, explosions, fire and weather effects.

    Must have excellent understanding of particle systems in order to create realistic FX work.

    Must have strong understanding and skills with regards to timing, animation and weight.

    An aptitude for problem-solving as well as an ability to think and act quickly and come up with effective solutions to challenging situations.
    A good communicator who is as comfortable and confident in talking to team members and project designers.

    Must be able to work well within a team.

    Must be able to adapt to the style, techniques, continuity and quality of artwork as set by the Lead Artist.

    Must be highly motivated and enthusiastic about this area of work.

    Should ideally have an active interest in video games.

References Required

Should provide at least 2 recent references that demonstrate wherever possible suitability to the specific requirements of the role in question

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and portfolio along with any current package details to: [email protected] and include VFX Artist in the subject line.

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