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A Mapping Retrospective


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Been wanting to do a proper look back on the levels I made (nearly 10 years ago, YIKES!) in the beginning of my level design career, and further on as well really. Recently I finally pulled myself together and decided to capture video, put it on Youtube and then wrote up a lil inside look on each level. My thinking is that very few will probably find it interesting but if nothing else then its quite entertaining for me to go back and look at some of these levels and reminisce on what went into and on at the times when I made them. Could be cool to see others do something like this as well :)~

Here's the ones I've made so far, thinking of continuing up until the most recent stuff I've done (Blood Money, K&L), but lets see :)



(Can't get it working with the youtube tags, eh)

about: http://www.mazy.net/?p=566


about: http://www.mazy.net/?p=568


about: http://www.mazy.net/?p=569


about: http://www.mazy.net/?p=575


about: http://www.mazy.net/?p=577


about: http://www.mazy.net/?p=578

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All of the music is Nine Inch Nails, the album is called Ghosts (AFAIK then the first, of four discs, was released for free on the net).

Although I really like NIN, then the reason why I'm using it for all of them is that Youtube has gotten extremely strict with using most songs you can think off, and this is one of very few albums where you've actually got permission to use em.

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