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[cod4] AirBase


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After watching many tutorials and asking Sensei KungFuSquirrel for radiant tips, I started my map COD4 map today.

First building, small Hangar (Reference from Pearl Harbour)


I need to get my brush speed up. lol This took at least 6 hours :( I opened the air vent at the top so someone could possible throw a grenade through it.


Some general radiant questions:

1. do you make decals using brushes? or patches? or is there another way.

2. is there an easier way to rotate textures then inputting numbers into the surface browser. UE3 has a texture gizmo that you can manipulate it on the bsp, wondering if radiant does also.

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COD4 engine is mapping-fun but I hate when there's no such good mapping support as in Q3A or UT, I have problems with running custom maps... ;)

Your idea look nice, keep a good work, I can't help you with your questions :>

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Thanks guys :) Its fun learning a new editor that's not Unreal :) Small hangar populated with meshes (completed), moving onto control tower next.


Things I have discovered so far

- you cannot scale the mesh enity using the scale in selection. You have to scale it by adding a value to the mesh entity.

- xmodels pictures are way easier than going through all them 1 by 1 (thanks Frittz)

- duplicating the mesh and copying and pasting the name from the xmodel pics folder into the entity window is way faster than going through the model list looking for it.

- selecting a brush and then middle clicking on any texture applies it to the brush. (very handy)

- hitting escape every time is gets annoying for deselecting, but the brush tools are awesome! :D

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Escape deselect is the only way to go - Hammer and Unreal both support it too. :)

If you have a sub-1 grid, pop the decals off on the smallest you can. COD4 goes down to .5, D3 goes to .125. 1 unit is thick enough you might see the decal parallax or actually notice that it's floating.

To clarify, middle click on any surface applies that texture to the selected brushes or faces.

Unfortunately COD4's radiant doesn't include D3's texturing, which is the most awesome BSP texturing ever to exist (sorry Hammer, not even your edge align buttons make up for it).

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I use decals on both patches and brushes. It depends on if I want to alpha out one edge of the decal. If the decal fades on its own then I use a brush.

I don't float the decal at all. Never have, so I don't think it is an issue.

Were you trying to scale a model? If so you can do that with modelscale .....2 or whatever, on the model.

We joke about how many crazy key stroke shortcuts we have. It seems like every week someone mentions one the use and we all smack our foreheads in disbelief. lol

We should make a wiki with all of them on it.

As for the middle mouse click...a neat one is if you select a texture face and the ALT middle click on the face next to it, it will wrap the texture. It useful to align textures or you can clip the corner of the brush on the .5 grid, wrap the texture across it and you end up with a pretty good beveled corner.

Anyway, hope that stuff helps.

Ask away if you have more questions.

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hey Lee, one question. Why are you learning CoD4 editor? Thinking on applying for a IW position in the future? Or just for the fun of it...?

It's good to see anyone investing some time on a engine other than Source, UE3 or CE2. It must be very hard tho, I bet the community is nowhere near the size of the those I mentioned, or the support / tutorials?

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Thanks for the support guys :D

CompoSITe: thanks for the tips :)

[HP] : I was thinking about applying to IW but I really don't think my abilities are good enough to apply there at the moment. Maybe after i've cranked out a few quality maps or 1 kick ass map. I originally started learning the cod4 radiant because I thought it maybe good for me to learn a version of radiant should I apply to any company that uses radiant, then i could at least know how to use the tools, as opposed to "i just opened it and made a room, from the tutorial" Sadly, my hunger for knowledge and seeing how others seem to make cod4 maps, fueled my interest :).

These are some of the rare tutorials I found


http://www.infinitytutorials.com/wiki/i ... ry:Codmwmp

http://wiki.modsrepository.com/index.ph ... mapping_mp

I'm definitely having issues learning the tools, spawners seem to never work for me, I always get a compile error when making reflections "cannot find spawn point", but once I figure out what I've been doing wrong hopefully it should all fall into place. I definitely miss the "right click, play from here" feature that unreal has.

At least the positives for being unemployed is that I can learn new tools :)

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Spawn errors are probably because you need a TDM Start spawn for each team. The coders put this in a while back for some odd reason.

So just to run around in a brand new level you need:

Global intermission

1 TDM spawn

1 mp_tdm_spawn_allies_start

1 mp_tdm_spawn_axis_start

I add a DM in for good measure as well.

I will answer a few more after lunch...

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