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Dezowave mod team looking for team members.

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Hello mapcore.I am Frederic *Frederic* Couture, the writter of the Dezowave team.

We are a STALKER modding team that has done numerous projects, including the very well know total conversion, Priboi Story and breakthroughs such as the freeplay mod.

We are almost done with Priboi Story 1.2 with only scripting left to do.A part of the team has started to work on Lost Alpha, a mod that brings back the old Stalker atmosphere as well as features, level and story.

Progress has been good with 1 level completed (included with PS 1.2) and a almost finished level and other unannounced features.

We reached a point were we need new members since alot left since we started working on this.

Currently, we have 1 modeller and 1 leveldesigner, all very skilled and efficient and they can do it by themselves but we need members to speed it up.

That is why we need the following :



This is what we needed.Its needed for props, buildings and other thing such as doing terrains.

They will have reference pictures most of the time for what needs modeling or plans provided by the level designer.

The skills needed are from average to advanced with knowledge in max or maya, preferably.

It is also heavily recommended that if you don't use max or maya, that you can import your creation in a .max.

Other talents are also needed such as texture artists or uvmapping but we are mostly in need of modelers.

If you are interested for these other positions, contact us.We always appreciate help, whatever it can be.

You may contact us via our website or forum, both are fine.





Youtube channel:


Or, simply:







PS: Forgive the Engrish used on our website and others. Most of the team, excluding me, are not proficient in English.

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