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[CE2] Zooch's Levels


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I'm a huge fan of criticism and feedback, so I'm going to post my work here over time in hopes of obviously improving my skill. I also like to try and take steps back from my own work and critique myself. I have some of my own crits on the image posted below, which I will mention. I'll be making those changes within the next few days. If you guys can add any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

[attachment=0]cave entrance 1 public.jpg[/attachment]

Author's Crits:

1. Change the water and water lighting from greenish to blueish.

2. Remove the broken dirt/rock path into the cave mouth and replace it with broken wooden plank/steps

3. The boggy water look isn't working; add more vegetation and start creating more of a marshland feel (its too empty right now?)

I know this is only one screenshot and most people would expect to find several shots or even a .cry file, but I can't do that at this time. My thread will eventually be a mix of shots like this and actual levels.

Thanks for your responses!


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Hey there and welcome.

well, it's like you said there's really not much to critic on.

Plus, the screenshot it self is very dark and I'm not really sure what exactly am I looking at. Maybe if you could explain what are you trying to create and / or post screens with better angles and illumination! :)


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cool - I think if you make certain elements stand out more it would be better. The face is an obvious one but also work on your lighting. Add some fog, change some textures so that they contrast more.

Nice job keep it up :)

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