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new 3D scene.. Angel Restaurant

Vinny Testaverde

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very cool, well done... the one thing that strikes me is the repetition. you've got the rollup doors, the brick texture, the windows, the plant things... hell even that white brick tex on the left which seemingly wasn't even meant to tile vertically. repetition is a good thing but not when it's so brazen. ;)

the walls and vertical spaces appear very well worn but the paving stones don't seem to be that old. remember the first thing to wear out is the ground.

my last criticism would be the general lack of life... it's nice to be a bit dour but it would really benefit from something as simple as a few flowers on those plants on the walls.

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Thanks again guys...

st0lve: I made most of the textures, some came from 3dtotal's texture cds

ginsengavenger: I see what your saying... I'll probably do one more rendering with some more improvments

RD: this project has been on/off for a while... but now it is like pretty complete

mike-0: No, I dont have a job... im in college currently and I am looking for work...

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